"Real Life Photography"
by Kerry Perkins

Hello! My name is Kerry Perkins and I welcome you to my site!

I am a photographer, artist, bird nerd, and kite-flying fanatic. I learned photography several decades ago while serving in the U.S. Army. My first cameras were purchased from soldiers returning from Germany and Japan who had cameras to sell. My first serious cameras (not counting the Brownie Hawkeye I had when I was 8) were a Rolleiflex and a Speed Graphic, pretty exotic stuff to learn on! Through the years I have perfected my photographic and artistic talents and now offer them to you! My passion lies in creating artistic renditions of life, whether it be family portraits or wildlife, landscapes or photography-based artworks.

I have a special fondness for photographing children and birds, which may seem like a strange pair of affinities, but if you think about it they present very similar challenges - always in motion, sometimes hard to capture, and always presenting a different look to the photographer. They are also very similar in that they present fleeting moments of time that can only be preserved by skillful observation and action. I enjoy working with families to portray them in the best light and have an innate ability to bring out the best in all of my subjects.

Feel free to look around the site. The portfolios contain some of my best examples and the full collection of images can be found in the galleries. I offer a wide range of print products and photo specialty items. Please refer to the available options by clicking on the "buy" button in the upper left corner of each image.

  • Family portraits captured in natural settings
  • Quality art prints from nature
  • Pixel Paintings derived from photographs

Thank you for visiting!